Cancer Survivors Penalised On Travel Insurance

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All travel insurance companies require customers to declare any pre-existing health conditions when applying for a policy. This includes any illnesses that may still be under investigation by a doctor. Unfortunately, most insurance premiums will be significantly increased for those travelling with an illness. However, many cancer patients, who have been given the all clear, are still penalised. When it comes to arranging travel insurance, those who have had successful treatment are being quoted large premiums or are even refused cover.

All Cancers Are Different


Insurance companies work out the cost of premiums based on risk assessments. The more likely a customer is to make a claim due to an illness, the higher the cost of their insurance premium. Even though there are many different types of cancer, everything needs to be declared to the insurer. No matter if it is a more aggressive type of cancer you suffer from or a cancer that is easier to treat, the insurer must be informed. A lot of insurance companies refuse to underwrite the risk of complications arising from cancer treatment completely. This means that any illness you may suffer from in connection with a previous diagnosis of cancer will not be covered. Perhaps what is slightly more shocking is the fact that if you’ve ever had a previous diagnosis of cancer, the cost of travel insurance can be upped by hundreds of pounds. And this is still the case even if you have received successful treatment and have been completely cured.

Paying Up

Anyone suffering from any pre-existing health condition should not be put off travelling though. There are still options for you to take that will ensure you can enjoy and make the most out of your holidays. One option is to simply pay the more expensive premium. By doing this, you will also need to accept that any lapses in health won’t be covered. It is a good idea to shop around for the right deal for you. If you aren’t sure which insurance companies to try, get in touch with one of the cancer charities. They will have a lot of experience in this field and will be able to advise you on which insurance companies have the best deals and prices for your needs. You could also get in contact with an insurance broker. They will be able to assess a large range of policies from specialist insurers and be able to provide you with which policy is right for you.

EHIC for Europe


For those travelling within Europe, a great option to go for is the European Health Insurance Card. By owning a valid EHIC you will have access to any public medical care throughout Europe on the same basis as a citizen from the country you are visiting. The main benefit of having an EHIC is that it provides cover irrespective of the cause for needing medical attention. This means both accident and illness are covered, and yes, this includes any pre-existing health conditions. Having this cover can offer great peace of mind knowing that if you do require medical treatment you won’t be confronted with any large upfront medical bills. The card will mean treatment will either be free or at a greatly reduced cost depending on the healthcare system of your chosen destination. It is important not to use an EHIC as a substitute for travel insurance. You will still require additional insurance to cover any losses, theft or cancellations.

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