EHIC: 10 Reasons To Apply For A European Health Insurance Card In 2016

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One of the most confusing questions in most British nationals since the Brexit referendum is this; what happens with the European Health Insurance Card, commonly known as EHIC? Will it still be valid or useful? Well, true, Brexit means Brexit; but British nationals will still need to travel across the rest of EU either for business, holiday, or whatever purposes. And while at it, there ought to be a healthcare mechanism to cater to them in case of an emergency, or whatever situation that may warrant the need for medical care. The good news is that you’ll still be able to use the EHIC when traveling across any European Country, and Switzerland. In 2016, you have every reason and none at all, to apply for an EHIC, or renew one if it’s expired. The UK will continue to be a part of Europe, and this fact means that in a way, people will need to move and visit other countries. Besides, we have tens of thousands of UK nationals living and working across the EU.

There are several reasons as to why you should apply for a European health insurance card in 2016;

  1. It’s free; perhaps one of the most obvious reasons is the fact that it is free! Yea, in most cases, you can apply for EHIC online directly from the Website. However, there are times you may need an extra hand in helping get this done; there are numerous agents and entities out there that charge a small fee for the same. They will advice you on the requirements, and things you need to do to apply for the card.
  2. Registration Process as easy as A, B, C; what are the requirements for applying for a European Health Insurance Card? All that you need is to be 18 years and above, and then provide your full names, address, age, and NHS number if you’re within England and Wales. Residents of Scotland will need to give their CHI number or your Health and Care number if you’re in Ireland. This makes it a very easy process and the fact that it can be done online makes it even simpler!
  3. Caters for pre existing conditions; if you wish to travel to any of the EU countries either for holiday, business, or for family purposes and happen to have a pre existing condition, you need not worry. For instance, someone who needs constant medical checkup as a result of a condition like diabetes, Kidney problems; with an EHIC card, you’ll access these checkups in any public facility in a EU country.
  4. Emergencies; at other times, you’ll find yourself traveling to an EU country, and some emergency happens. Could be that you’re expectant, and some complications arise. Or that you fell while on hiking and require some medical checkup. In the absence of a European Health Insurance Card, you’d find yourself faced with huge medical bills in a foreign country! And even with a private medical insurance cover, the bureaucracy and processes involves in sorting out everything make EHIC a perfect option.
  5. You’re still covered even if you lose your Card; Yes, that’s true. If you happened to lose your European Health Insurance Card while on holiday in an EU country, you’d still be get treated in a health facility when the need to arose. This is because there is provision of what’s known as a Provisional Replacement Certificate. This is good news, because with this temporary card you are as good as someone with their card with them! This is unlike a Credit Card which when lost, have to be replaced before you’re able to transact or even access your funds!
  6. Peace of Mind; there is peace of mind that comes from knowing that in case of any eventuality or illness while traveling across the EU, you are catered for. Remember that health is wealth, and as long as you are not being charged a thing to apply for this European Health Insurance Card, then you’d be doing yourself a dishonor not having it while on travel.
  7. Brexit could be a blessing in disguise; with the UK having chosen to exit the EU, the common argument was that jobs and other benefits would return to the British people. This could be true, and it means that more British businessmen and investors will be able to build thriving industries locally, before expanding to other EU nations in the near future. There are prospects of more travel and crisscrossing by British investors as they look for new markets outside the UK, or even British workers traveling abroad for holidays. In any of these instances, an EHIC is an extra bonus that will cushion them from any unforeseen medical emergencies.
  8. British Manpower is still in demand across Europe; British manpower is still one of the most sought after not just within the EU, but around the world. Bankers, nurses, Managers, Accountants; there will always be lucrative opportunities in other EU countries, which means more British workers moving to those countries. Again, an EHIC card will go a long way in making your stay more comfortable, with the knowledge that even though the job may offer a comprehensive health insurance, the good old EHIC is still good to have in your possession.
  9.  It could be mandatory to have a European heath insurance card in coming years; as the EU and the UK negotiate an amicable divorce, as most supporters of Brexit would love to refer to it, it may become mandatory for citizens of either side to carry this card when traveling between the countries involved. This will mean that EU citizens visiting the UK will need to have these insurance cards, while UK citizens visiting the EU will have to carry these cards. Mind you, some Insurance companies may not be very comfortable covering incidents that happen in all the EU countries. But an EHIC is all rounded and valid in all European Economic Areas.
  10.  You can an agency to do it for you; if you feel that the process of applying for an EHIC is long or tedious, there are travel agencies that can help arrange such. For a small fee, they will have your card ready if you wish to travel across Europe.


With these 10 solid reasons, you should make haste in applying for your EHIC renewal in 2016! You can get a reputable travel company to help you get the application through.

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