EHIC – European Health Insurance Card Renewal

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Why must you get a EHIC as a UK citizen?

With a valid European Health Insurance Card, you have a right to access healthcare provided by the state during your stay in any other European Economic Area – EEA – country as well as Switzerland. This is an advantage that UK citizens enjoy once they obtain the EHIC card. A good thing about it is that as long as you are a UK citizen you can qualify for the card. No other qualifications are required to apply for it.

Any treatment that has to be offered i.e. any pre-existing illness, the EHIC card renewal covers for it as well until you return home. Normally, people who suffer from conditions such as asthma or kidney patients in need of dialysis treatment, and the likes do not know that they can use their EHIC cards on trips. You should, therefore, get the card to help you in case an attack occurs while you are abroad.

Why you should Renew Your EHIC Card soon?

Another good reason why you must get  the EHIC card is the fact that the treatment provided is not any different from that offered to the resident of the particular country. Additionally, the cost should be the same as that offered to a resident or even, free of charge. This is more so for those countries who contribute patient co-payment. If therefore, you have been contributinga certain percentage towards the state-provided treatment costdirectly, you are better placed for receiving treatments with an EHIC card.

Are you a UK citizen and expectant but thinking you can’t travel due to your condition? Well, you should no longer worry about this. Getting an EHIC card allows you to go for medical checkups even while abroad. What’s more, you do not have to pay extra just because you are a tourist. If by any chance you start experiencing your labor pains while still abroad, you also have the opportunity to give birth at the same subsidized rates. Both your newborn child and you will get quality healthcare services without dipping more to your pocket.

However, it is important to note that the European Health Insurance Card is not a substitute for travel insurance. It is, therefore, required as an addition to the private travel insurance policy that you acquire before your travel. If by any chance, you need services that require you to be flown back to the UK, the European Health Insurance Card will not cover for it. Also, if your property is lost or stolen, EHIC cannot cover for its recovery.

Another paramount thing to note as a UK citizen is that if you plan to visit a private hospital while abroad, you will have to cater for the expensesfully. EHIC card can only be used in state hospitals meaning that it is only meant for general and public hospitals. Nonetheless, this does not disqualify the importance of getting an EHIC card. After all, most general hospitals normally have the best facilities apart from the fact that they might be a bit overcrowded. Other than that, getting the card is worth its value.

Applying for the EHIC Card is not a hard process. In fact, all you need is your full names, your date of birth and your National Insurance Number. Many websites come in handy to help individuals apply for the card. These sites are quite dependable and give guaranteed and quality services. Once you make an application with them, all you need to do is wait for the collection date of your European Health Insurance Card.


An EHIC card is advantageous in all respects. You get quality healthcare services outside your country at subsidized rates. Also, the process for its application is easy and simple. Read more on the official EHIC Facebook

EHIC Card Renewal through the Renew EHIC

If you have already had an EHIC Card and it is coming up to the time of expiration, then you will need to apply for an EHIC Renewal so that you can renew your EHIC Card. There are a number of ways to renew EHIC online or on the telephone.

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